Mother of Pearl, an age-old beauty ingredient

A natural resource used for thousands of years

Mother of pearl has been used since the dawn of time

Its iridescent reflections and its beauty have made it a very popular decorative element: whether as an ornament or in jewellery

But this has never been the main use of this biomineral

traces of its use can be found in 4000 BC among the Egyptians…

  • 4000 B.C. among the Egyptians there is evidence of its use in the treatment of war wounds.
  • 500 B.C. mother-of-pearl, because of its proximity to human tissue, is used as a graft in dentition
  • 1200 A.D.: Aztecs and Amerindians use it as an after sun
  • 1600 AD: in China, the empress of the Qing Dynasty used it as a cosmetic to reduce wrinkles and restore radiance

But why La Nacre des Huîtres Tarbouriech?

5 years of research with a patent pending

Mother-of-pearl is similar to human tissue.

As a dietary supplement, its high calcium concentration makes it the perfect product to help with bone remineralisation.

It is therefore ideal for anti-ageing treatments.

Rich in amino acids and trace elements, it also nourishes the skin, with
an antioxidant effect thanks to zinc and selenium in particular.
a plumping effect thanks to calcium which restores elasticity and density to the skin
an anti-ageing effect thanks to its own collagen-like proteins
a healing effect thanks to its composition reducing imperfections and micro-lesions and repairing after sun

Our range has such an effect that it is now used in our Spa at Domaine Tarbouriech, and it is not the only Spa to have been seduced

Our research has enabled us to specifically identify in the nacre of our oysters a considerably higher quantity of porphyrin and ommochrome in the pink pigment of the nacre of Tarbouriech Special Oysters, which amplifies the anti-oxidant effect of our Nacre active ingredient

This amplification is directly linked to the method of breeding the solar tide! And yes, this method has the double effect of “cleaning” the shell and killing the polidora, a worm living in the nacre.

Ostrealia – from the shell to your home

producer of its own assets

Ostrealia has 1 particularity, 1 singularity in the cosmetics industry:
we are one of the few players who can tell you when you buy a product: you buy it from the producer of the active ingredient

Our number one asset: the mother-of-pearl of our oysters, from our own production

our laboratory is our lagoon

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