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Why Ostrealia by Tarbouriech ?


The best of the lagoon

From the passion of our profession was born the idea of concentrating the treasures of the oyster and the mother-of-pearl in food supplements and cosmetics to make their benefits available to as many people as possible.

A providential ingredient resulting from innovation: the quality of the Tarbouriech special oyster and its mother-of-pearl, as well as its positive impact on humans, is naturally boosted by its unique breeding process.

Our partnership with the Montpellier University (IBMM and ICGM), the CNRS and the ENSM has scientifically validated that Tarbouriech Special oysters are exceptionally rich in vitamin E, a natural anti-ageing agent with proven properties

Global wellbeing

Mother of pearl has been used since ancient times for its benefits to the skin.
In Asia, it was commonly used as a beauty product to improve the radiance of the complexion and the firmness of the skin.

Research conducted with the support of the CNRS in Montpellier has made it possible to elucidate the reason for the strong positive activity of our active ingredient on humans:
the presence of porphyrin and ommochrome in the pink pigment of the mother-of-pearl of Tarbouriech Special Oysters amplifies the anti-oxidant effect of our Nacre active ingredient.

In a continuous improvement process, our laboratory has been Cosmos certified since 2021 and our entire range is now being certified organic.

Our Values

Natural Marine Actives

Specific ingredients, natural active ingredients
Oysters | Mother Of Pearl | Marine active ingredients | Spirulina | Marine collagen | Marine crystal

Asset produter- Occitania – France

Local ingredients
But above all, the mother-of-pearl from our own farm is reused in our products!


Because life comes from the sea, we take care of our nourishing environment every day

Spa Quality Range

Our products are used in different spas, and particularly in our own, at Domaine Tarbouriech

Scientific and research bond

8 years of research
on the effectiveness of our range in partnership with
expert laboratories in formulation and development

What our customers say about our products :

Mother of pearl from our farm in Thau upcycled – France100%

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